Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Aerial II

Aerial can mean:


* A radio antenna.
* Aerial apparatus, a device used for firefighting and rescue.
* Aerial work platform, a device for positioning workers.


* Aerial (dance move), a dance move found in Lindy Hop.
* Aerials (skateboarding), a type of skateboarding trick.
* Aerial Silk, an apparatus used in aerial acrobatics.
* Front aerial, a gymnastics move performed in acro dance.
* Aerial cartwheel (or side aerial), a gymnastics move performed in acro dance and various martial arts.


* Aerial (album), an album by Kate Bush.
* Aerials (song), a song from the album Toxicity by System of a Down.
* Aerial (band), an alternative rock band from El Paso, Texas


* Aerial Wireless, a cellular phone company purchased by VoiceStream Wireless, which was then acquired by T-Mobile.


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