Sunday, May 31, 2009


REWIND 91, maalattu lyijy, 2009

Uinuville, puu ja teräs, 2005

Oregon, maalitussi kankaalle,2007

Aerials II, puu silikoni ja kuollut bonzai, 2009

Dream of Balance, kumi,puu ja teräs, 2007

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Jean Pitman said...

Kalle, these are incredible- I so wish I could see them in real life. It all fits together so well despite (or perhaps because of) the fact that there are many mediums, so much of your work reminds me of props. Usable tools, instruments, objects to do, make, create something else, a step in a process, not end products themselves...really great. This questioning of prop or tool or sculpture or all or none, creates wonderful tension. Thank you for making (and posting) this work. It is important. Jean